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AR-15 Upper Assembly – 16″/ 5.56 NATO / 1:8 / 15″ Keymod AR-15 Handguard / Rail

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This AR15 upper receiver assembly comes ready to attach to any Mil-Spec lower receiver. It is built around a 16 inch, 4150 chrome moly barrel and has a black nitride finish. The upper receiver is a forged M4 flat top upper, allowing you to easily attach rifle scopes and red dot sights to the picatinny rail.




This AR15 upper receiver assembly comes ready to attach to any Mil-Spec lower receiver. It is built around a 16 inch, 4150 chrome moly barrel and has a black nitride finish. The upper receiver is a forged M4 flat top upper, allowing you to easily attach rifle scopes and red dot sights to the picatinny rail.

Outfitted with a 15″ Keymod Rail that features strong attachment points for accessories resulting in accessories and optics having an excellent return to zero capability when detached and reattached. The rail also features a full-length picatinny top rail that sits flush with the upper receiver and has anti-rotation tabs to keep it locked in place. This upper assembly comes with a standard A2 flash hider that effectively suppresses muzzle flash and protects the 1/2×28 barrel threads if you are planning on adding a muzzle break in the future.

  • Type: AR
  • Finish Color: Black
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Barrel Finish: Nitride
  • Barrel Length: 16”
  • Twist: 1:8
  • Gas System: Carbine
  • Muzzle: A2 Flash Hider
  • Receiver Material: Aluminum
  • Receiver: Mil-Spec, Forward Assist & Dust Cover Installed
  • Rail: 15” Keymod
  • Does Not Include BCG & CH

Product Details: AR-15 Upper Assembly – 16″/ 5.56 NATO / 1:8 / 15″ Keymod AR-15 Handguard / Rail

➲ CBC Keymod Handguard

New for 2020, these AR-15 handguards are built to provide rugged, reliable performance. Designed with the advanced shooter in mind, these handguards are both sleek and ergonomic in the hand and that translates into faster on-target performance and ease of use. These AR handguards provide Keymod slots for mounting attachments and feature robust steel mounting hardware to ensure an easy rock-solid installation.

➲ Upper Receiver

The foundation of all good ARs is built upon a dependable upper receiver. CBC upper receivers offer best-in-class quality while providing you years of dependable service. Boasting a MIL-SPEC type III hard coat anodized finish and machined from 7075-T6 forged aluminum, this M4 flat-top receiver delivers a lifetime of superior function. You want your AR built upon a solid platform - this receiver gives you the confidence that your AR-15 will function when it counts most.

➲ Carbine Gas Tube

An essential component to your AR15 is the gas tube, which keeps your build up and running. This carbine-length gas tube is constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel ensuring a lifetime of service.

➲ .750 Low Profile Gas Block

The gas block is a critical link in the chain that is too often overlooked. This component ensures that your AR runs reliably. Made from high-quality steel with a smooth phosphate finish, this .750 low-profile gas block is efficiently designed to stay put with the percussion of gunfire. With its low profile this gas block allows it to fit under the most ergonomically designed handguards and rails on the market.

➲ Colt Competition Style Barrel

The barrel is one of the few components that directly affect the accuracy and weight of your build.  This barrel has a nitride finish for increased strength and durability. While featuring a special contour that is designed to be lighter than a conventual SOCOM barrel giving you that extra edge when shooting 3-gun competitions. This barrel offers a 1:8 twist rate, suitable for both heavy and light ammunition.  It is corrosion resistant resulting in an extended barrel life that is longer than conventional chrome lining. Thus, being the perfect barrel for long distance shooting, competitions, hunting and practically any shooting application you’ll subject your AR-15 too.

➲ A2 Flash Hider

The muzzle device is designed to perform a specific task, like suppress flash intensity or reduce felt recoil. This A2 Flash Hider is machined from quality steel and finished with an exceptionally corrosion resistant salt bath nitride for a lifetime of service. It provides effective flash suppression that preserves the shooters night vision by disrupting the muzzle flash when firing in low light conditions. While its closed bottom with top and side ports offers reduced dust signature when shooting from the prone position while additionally acting as a compensator.

Additional information

Weight 4.85 lbs
Dimensions 27.5 × 4.5 × 4.5 in


Barrel Length


Twist Rate

10 reviews for AR-15 Upper Assembly – 16″/ 5.56 NATO / 1:8 / 15″ Keymod AR-15 Handguard / Rail

  1. Nate in San Diego

    Recieved my complete upper from CBC ind. last week and I must say, man was I impressed!!! Shipped in only 3 days and in under a week I had an amazing quality rifle, fit was perfect with a Spikes tactical lower absolutely zero slop and finish is flawless, 1st trip to range to zero sights was very impressive (sub moa @ 50yrds) overall my experience was awesome and I couldn’t be happier with the product!!! Nateinsd

  2. Robert

    First off the turn around time was phenomenal! I waited 10 weeks to get my upper from another company and this one came in at just over a week! Second I have yet to shoot this upper since I’m still waiting on parts but holy cow is this a bargain, the fit and finish is spectacular and this thing is super light

  3. Jonah Munoz

    My only regret from ordering this rifle was that i didn’t get a sticker from CBC industries to put on the pelican case i have for it. Took a little under two weeks to receive but it can’t be helped with all of the orders flooding the market right now. Overall for the price i paid this is easily the best bang for your buck that you could get. As said in other reviews this has a superb fit and finish with Spikes tactical lowers, tested across a few different samples and it was all solid, no play or slop. I will definitely be ordering another completed upper from CBC for my next 300BLK build. Looking forward to it!

  4. James from NC

    Received my upper form CBC a few days ago and it is a great looking upper with the Hera Arms handguard, and you can’t beat the price and turn around time for an upper like this. HOWEVER, there is some info you must know. The details say it is a SOCOM contour barrel, but it is NOT. It is actually their barrel part no. 110-210 (Colt competition style), and I got that info from one of their representatives. So, just know that what they call SOCOM is not a typical SOCOM profile. Again it is a good upper and I look forward to using it, but you all should know what you are actually getting.

  5. Travis W.

    This was my first ever build, and man was it was a piece of cake!! Paired this upper with a Spikes Tactical Honey Badger Lower, and it looks awesome! Everything funtions properly, and the fit is perfect. First time at the range was over the weekend, and we ran 100 rounds through it. Not a single jam or hang up. Would definatley recommend this upper. For the price, you cant beat it. Lead time was a little longer than I expected, but then again I was excited! 13 business days from the original order til it was at my door. Customer Service was friendly and gave me accurate updates on where my order was. With the increase of orders, CBC still beat the nearest competitor for a complete lower. Overall, I hope to be doing business again very soon! Very Happy Customer!!

  6. Paul

    The upper looks great and ran without issue BUT…. rail is not mounted up even with upper receiver and is twister slightly. This caused me to have to drive my left sight almost all the way to the left. Set screw in the clamp system on the rail are also make of low quality material and one stripped out while atempting correct the first problem. Waiting on cbc to get back to me on this. Hopefully they make it right and I’ll give it a better review but this stuff shouldn’t slip through quality controle.

  7. James Buckner

    I’d like to start by saying their customer service is excellent. Had an issue with a backorder product that they handled exceptionally. So kuddos to CBC for that. Now on to the product review I give it 4 stars for workmanship because the hand rail came loose after one magazine, However I applied locktite and so far it seems to be holding but it seems this should have been done at assembly. If it’s not, I would recommend it cause I tightened them back first and they came loose again but it would seem the locktite is holding for now. Also the gas block is leaking where the tube exits but this is not that big of a deal I’ve seen this before and it will usually seal itself with enough rounds. Other than that the upper looks awesome and performed excellent. No jams at all and the accuracy was on point. The other issues can be attributed to the speed I asked to have it put together in which is why I’m still thoroughly pleased with the upper especially at the price I got it on sale for. Just thought cbc should inform their assemblers to be more careful when putting these together. But still at the prices they are offering these for compared to other sites and especially to local prices you really can’t complain. So overall very happy with product and will buy more from them and still recommend them to others.

  8. James Buckner

    I forgot to mention that the upper is also a little loose when mated to the lower nothing crazy though. I don’t really mind because I’ve had others that were so tight you had to pry them apart and that was annoying. And this doesn’t really affect its performance as mentioned below. The lower is an Anderson by the way.

  9. Joe M

    I am very impressed with this upper. I took it apart to examine the work and it is done nicely. The hera rail is lightweight and slim with excellent machinel work. I attached this to my ATI Omni hybrid lower and there is no play.
    So far I have put 200 rounds of steel case ammo through it. Aside from 3-4 light primer stikes because of a weak hammer spring, I have had no other problems.
    I was lucky enough to catch this while it was on sale but I wouldn’t hesitate ordering another if needed.
    Thanks CBC for another great upper!

  10. Nicole

    I just finished and tried out my AR made with this upper. It works very well. The upper looks awesome and has a very nice finish. Great product!

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